Helping Your Child

Now let's say you have identified your child as being overweight or at risk for being overweight. Maybe your child's doctor has started to notice a recent trend of increasing BMI. First, check with … [Read more...]

Understanding the Gycemic Index

High glycemic index (GI) foods release sugar into the bloodstream quickly, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar. Low GI foods release sugar into the bloodstream slowly and do not cause a rapid rise in … [Read more...]

When is a Child Overweight?

Let's define what it means to be overweight in children. Growth charts need to be used; you can't always tell by looking. Sometimes an overly concerned parent may assess their truly normal-weighted … [Read more...]

Obesity Trends

The public health alarm has sounded and most people are well aware of the increase in overweight children in the U.S. The questions we are grappling with - why is this trend occurring and what does it … [Read more...]