Rave Reviews

Read the reviews from Dr. Wood’s speaking engagements!

“This is information every parent should hear – not just those with eating concerns for their kids.”

~ Carol J., mother of one

“Excellent presentation!  Lots of information .  Very interesting and enjoyable.”

~ Carol L., mother of one

“Recently I attended your workshop, How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It and want to thank you.  You put so much effort into your book and I’ve found the breadth and content truly educational and exciting to learn!  You acknowledged symptoms a child might experience related to gastroesophageal reflux and I was elated!”

~ Lynn H., mother of two,
Volunteer with PAGER Association, www.reflux.org

“Very good speaker!  I liked her common sense approach to eating foods in moderation.”

~ Diane M., mother of two

“Excellent!  Packed with new information that I thoroughly enjoyed!”

~ Irene C., mother of one

“What a polished and professional lecture you delivered!”

~ Seth P., M.D., pediatric ENT

“Great not only for ideas for kids, but as a guide for the whole family to eat healthy, even if you are a beginner in noticing nutritional intake like me.  Not too overwhelming.  Gives me hope for our family to actually eat healthy together!”

~ Christie V., mother of two

“I found the seminar very informative. You provided the information in a very non-judgemental way that made me believe that I could make some changes to provide my son with a more nutritional lifestyle.”

~ Megan and Neil G., parents of one

“Practical, tried and true advice, tips I can really use every day!  Thanks!”

~ Mary T., mother of one

“Great ideas and ways to make eating healthy foods easy, fun, and quick for parents and families on the go.”

Dorothy S., mother of one