Healthy Celebrations

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Treats for celebrations like birthdays, halloween or other parties are part of our culture and using food to celebrate is natural.  Some indulgence for our children (and ourselves!) with sweet treats should be allowed. However, we can try to find healthier ways at times to do this.

If you are looking for some non-food item treats to use as rewards or to fill up that birthday party goody bag, try some of these items:

hacky sacks pencils play jewelry jump ropes
hair accessories maze games notepads whistles
pencil toppers trading cards stickers tattoos
pinwheels pencil sharpener playing cards erasers
spin tops puzzles key chains shoelaces
yo-yos rubber balls marbles bubbles
coupons magnets plastic animals matchbox cars
toothbrush play money figurines hand games


And of course there is Halloween!  What to do with all that candy?  Try these ideas to create a Healthy Halloween:

  • Instead of asking for candy for trick or treat, have a group of your children ask for canned good donations for a local charity instead of the candy.  Mom or Dad may have to follow along with a car or how about a wagon to lug all those heavy canned goods. To keep it all fun, how about the kids dress up as some sort of canned good?
  • Have your child go through the candy after Halloween and save a “reasonable amount.”  The rest can be donated to your office (especially if you have a lot of employees who can share the candy wealth!).
  • They can trade the candy back to you for money or some other non-food treat or toy that you agree on.
  • And try these for healthier food items to give away:
    • animal crackers
    • pretzels
    • fruit cups
    • applesauce cups
    • mini-box raisins
    • pudding cups
    • trail mix
    • 100% fruit juice box
    • granola bars
    • For a complete list, click here!