Go, Slow and Whoa Foods

We all want to enjoy food and sometimes as we get our kids to try to eat the healthy choices, we label foods as “good” and “bad.” This is not an effective way to talk to kids about food, especially the younger ones, as when they eat the “bad” foods it makes them “bad.” I teach families that we should be able to enjoy all foods, but some foods should be more often and these can be called “Go” foods or “Energy” foods.  Other foods can then be called “Slow” or “Whoa” foods that should be eaten less often.  I also like to talk about “Joy Treats,” these are special enjoyable foods that should be savored, like a special homemade cake, or dessert when eating out, or ice cream.  The idea you can create with “Slow” foods and “Joy Treats” is that they should be enjoyed and eaten S-L-O-W-L-Y.  Teach your kids to savor each bite.  Download these flyers as a PDF.