Screen Time Coupons

Controlling screen time for kids can be a challenge.  Between TV, smartphones, iPads and tablets, computers and video games, the added time between all of the devices can easily escape parent's notice … [Read more...]

Sport Team Wellness

Dr. Wood helped to co-author the Power Up for Sports and Health (PUSH) toolkit for youth athletic leagues for the San Diego Childhood Obesity Initiative. The goal is to give coaches, parents and … [Read more...]

Exercise Ideas

Around the house 10 minute chore box sweep outside or inside vacuum an area plant a few seeds in the garden rake leaves clean some windows wash the car wash the neighbor?s car wash … [Read more...]

Setting Media Limits

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now urges no television watching for children under two years of age (click here for the article from the AAP) and a maximum of one to two hours a day of good … [Read more...]

Take a Media Survey

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has a media history survey that covers your child's media use for TV, movies, music, video, computer games, internet and books.  The survey should get you … [Read more...]