How to Get Kids to Eat Great and Love It!
by Christine Wood, M.D.

"I encourage every parent to read this book and learn how they can better protect their child's health. "

Ray Strand, M.D.
Author of Bionutrition-Winning the War Within


"Dr. Christine Wood is an inspiring role model dedicated to enhancing the wellness of the next generation. Her research is brilliant, documented and laser accurate. If you have kids at home, grandkids or know someone who has kids, this book is a must read. Parents have the awesome power to plant weeds or healthy seeds in children that determine their future harvest. This book is a recipe for the seeds of greatness."

Denis Waitley, Ph.D.
Author of The Psychology of Winning.

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How To Get Kids To Eat Great

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ImageThe's Essential Guide to Nutrition:
The Real Secrets to Raising Smarter, Brainier, Healthier Babies and Kids, Right From the Start

The product includes a DVD, audio CD and workbook including my nutritional supplement recommendations.

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