My New Nutrition Video Is Now Available


The's Essential Guide to Nutrition:
The Real Secrets to Raising Smarter, Brainier, Healthier Babies and Kids, Right From the Start

The product includes a DVD, audio CD and workbook including my nutritional supplement recommendations.

The video covers:

  • The first year of life from breastfeeding to how and when to transition to solids
  • How to make your own baby food
  • How you can use nutrition to impact everything from your child's intelligence to decreasing their risk of cancer down the road.
  • How proper nutrition can reduce symptoms of common diseases such as allergies, asthma, ear infections, and ADD.
  • How to minimize toxic conditions in your environment and how to keep your children safe while instilling lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Why nutritional supplements are a must. The workbook inlcudes specific recommendations from the doctor.

…and much, much more

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