Elementary School Children

Here are some great eating tips for feeding elementary school children excerpted from Dr. Wood’s book, How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It!

  • School lunch
    Many schools have choices offered by popular fast food restaurants.  Even if some of these offer more healthful choices, what type of message is this sending our children?  Carefully examine your child’s school lunch program, and if you are not satisfied, voice any complaints.  Change won’t occur if parents are not involved.  If packing a lunch has become a way of life from the beginning of your child’s school attendance, it may be easier to continue the pattern.  Of course, a packed lunch is only as healthy as you make it.Allow your children to be involved with the shopping and the packing of lunches.  If your children want to buy lunch at school, negotiate a reasonable number of times per week this is allowed, especially if your school lunch program is offering less-than-healthy foods.  The United States government has passed a law that all schools part of the USDA school lunch program must have a Local Wellness Policy in place by July 2006. Get involved and find out what your school is doing in this area.
  • After-school snacks
    Set up guidelines for after-school snacks.  If it is too close to dinner, allow only anytime snacks.  When I prepare dinner I set out a bowl of carrot sticks and my son knows that these are “Anytime snacks” that he can nibble on before dinner.