Due to the volume of questions, Dr. Wood is not able to answer all questions through her website.  She is available for consultations for a fee in the area of pediatric nutrition (not for general pediatric issues).

Fill out the form below and Dr. Wood will review your request and if it appears your question is appropriate for her to answer in the format you are requesting, she will send instructions through Paypal to request the fee before arranging to answer your question.  These requests are reviewed as time permits and may take 7-14 days to confirm your request.

E-mail Consultation

E-mail questions will only be answered if this would require less than about 10 minutes to answer by e-mail and is a simple question. The fee for an e-mail question and answer is $25.

Phone Consultation

A Phone Consultation is suggested for a complex problem that would require Dr. Wood having more information about the medical issues and would be something that would be arranged for a certain time.  Dr. Wood may request other past history and  information before the call to be certain your issues can be answered.  The fee for a phone consultation is $100.