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Nutritional Report Card

Many of today's children are overfed and undernourished.  As nutrients fall short and as empty calorie processed foods fill our children up, we see that health risks in their future will be … [Read more...]


Mercury contamination of our seafood is another environmental concern, especially for pregnant and lactating women and also for children. Mercury is found naturally in our environment as part of … [Read more...]

Prenatal Nutrition

Making Smarter, Brainier and Healthier Babies! A special report with details on the nutrients listed below and what I recommend as prenatal vitamins, omega-3 sources, and balanced calcium/magnesium … [Read more...]

Healthy Celebrations

For those of you who were on Pat Atlvater's call in October for, sign up for our free eNewsletter. Treats for celebrations like birthdays, halloween or other parties are … [Read more...]

Brighter, Brainier Breakfasts

Breakfasts feed the brain and help with school performance. Ninety-nine percent of 3rd graders say they eat breakfast, but by 8th grade, that number dropped to 85% students. Did you know … [Read more...]

Healthy Brown Bag Lunches

Lunches provided by the schools can vary in quality depending on the school, but sometimes public schools are catered by fast food chains. When my son was in elementary school, for example, Pizza Hut … [Read more...]

Healthy Snack Plans

The "Snack Attack" has become an area that needs fixing if we are going to have kids eating healthier. The amount of calories derived from snacks, mostly form sugary and fatty foods, is rising fastest … [Read more...]

Eating Out With Kids

Eating out has become a way of life. In 1978, Americans got 18% of their calories from food eaten away from home. Today, it is almost twice that number. People who eat out tend to eat more calories … [Read more...]

Sneaky Ways With Veggies

Sometimes it pays to get creative with foods. Many kids have the automatic aversion to anything green, orange or yellow, unless it is a candy. Many parents report that they have a very hard time … [Read more...]

Fiber Up!

Most children today are not getting enough fiber in their diets. High fiber diets may reduce the risk of certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease and digestive disorders. In addition, fiber helps … [Read more...]